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Updated: Nov 2, 2018

As part of the Yummy Mummies element of the blog, I wanted to share some fabulous stories of Mummies making it happen. Being a mother is a full time job in itself, so finding a moment for anything else, is truly amazing.

First up is the wonderful Claire Ellis who launched Wish Upon A String, simple bracelets with a powerful purpose.

Juggling Mum Work Life

"I’m Claire and I’m a Mum of Two - Florence Rose (5) and Jude Marlow (2).

I started Wish Upon A String on Maternity leave 5 years ago, when someone gave me a piece of String with some baby feet on it, telling me to tie it on my wrist, and when the String breaks, so do your waters!

I loved the idea, I had seen them in shops before but realised they would make a much better quality gift if they were tied to a Card for an occasion. So, I started designing cards and the collection grew from there. I also now personalise using a hand-stamping method, which has allowed me to expand in bracelets, bangles and necklaces.

I adore Wish Upon A String. I have had so many wonderful stories and comments from customers who have found their Wish String so helpful during a tough time. For me, it’s more than a piece of String. It’s something you can give your worries too. The cards tend to always have a positive affirmation on them, to try and pull you through whatever testing times you are having."

Gift Idea - Wish Upon A String

"Having your own business and juggling motherhood can look very different for every Mummy. You just have to go with what works for you and your family. For me, I enjoy early mornings where I can get the day started, school bags packed and the day set up. This is usually checking emails and correspondence through social media, grabbing my diary and day planner and writing endless lists because once those children are awake I have far too much stuff in my head and I tend to forget a lot! The kids wake up and we set about on the school run, baby groups, and running any errands plus a post office trip with that days orders.I usually process my orders at night when the children are sleeping peacefully and I can give them my 100% attention. Any wholesale orders get packed up in front of Netflix where I watch Sex and the City episodes (I have the biggest crush on Mr Big) The really tough times are illness. If your child is ill it really puts a halt to things because all they want is Mummy and cuddles and all you can think about is your orders desperate to be posted. It’s really important to be honest with your customer and be clear on lead times. They always understand, many of us have been there too. One last thing to remember also, is the phrase ‘it takes a village to raise a child ’ lean on those grandparents, aunties and uncles. Ensure your partner can give you some child free time to concentrate solely on your business, invest in a nursery or day care. We can’t do any of this without the support of others." 

Claire, thank you so much for being my first Yummy Mummy to share your story, I love the thought behind the brand and can't believe you manage to juggle running a business with school runs, and caring for the family. I absolutely adore my Wish Upon A String pieces and will continue to share the love with friends and family. Joey x

Wish Upon a String bracelets, necklaces and bangles make the perfect personalised gifts, to pop in goodie bags or share with your bridesmaids. Shop through the Wish Upon A String, All By Mama which is a community of mothers who have their own businesses all selling in one place. They really champion flexible working and working around a family which is something a lot of employers need to also look at doing, and also sell through Etsy and Love Unique Home.

Gift Idea - Wish Upon a String


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