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Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Kicking off the new year, with our latest post for YUMMY MUMMIES, Helen from 'Things to do with Kids in Herts, Beds & Bucks' talks about taking a step back from work-life to give more to family life.

things to do with kids in herts beds and bucks

I’m Helen, I’m a Mum of 2 girls and am expecting my 3rd any day now. I guess you could say I’m a busy woman!

I had my first daughter in 2010 and since then I have been attempting to tweak my work life balance, trying to mix the successful and fulfilling career with a Martha Stewart like home life that sees me being an amazing mother and wife – basically just winning at life.

After having children I opted to work part time, taking a demotion and pay cut in the process, but I felt it was worth it to have the home life and experiences with my daughters that were important to me. I worked in marketing, in a bunch of boring industries, purely because they enabled the work life balance that I craved. Where I lost out was the excitement and stimulation of a buzzing career but I felt that was worth it while my daughters were young and reliant on me.

In 2013 I began writing a blog called Things to do with Kids in Herts, Beds and Bucks, where I quite literally shared just that. It stemmed from my need to do more than I was being offered in my current career and I have a huge passion for family experiences so sharing things that families could do together came naturally to me. It began as monthly listings blogs, with day by day information about what was on locally and steadily it began to grow, allowing me to branch out into sharing reviews and recommendations.

After a few years on the blog I was rediscovering my passion for writing and wanted to explore that a little bit more. I always loved putting together silly rhyming poems for my friends when I was younger and that sort of thing had always came easily to me but I had parked a lot of that creativity in my adult life, marketing the mundane. Reading books to my daughters helped to inspire me and I began to scribble down some ideas.

Following a nasty accident which left me with a brain injury I began to reassess my life a little. I was becoming more and more dissatisfied with my job and I really felt I had much more to offer the world away from my desk so I set about self-publishing one of the books I had written. It was a LONG and painstaking task! After my brain injury I struggled to understand things as well as I used to and I would get stressed more easily and but I ploughed through for the greater good and it helped to make me feel like myself again.

After months of blood sweat and tears my first book, Elsie’s Rocket to the Moon was ready to be unleashed on the world and I couldn’t be more proud. Its early days but I confident that that this is the start of a new path for me.

Inevitably in many many mums lives they hit a time when they feel like they have failed. Their work is suffering; their career is suffering or they work full time in a great job but are missing school days when parents can get involved and everyone else’s mum seems to be able to make it with ease. I hit that time earlier this year and now I’m finding out that there is another way. I owe it to myself to make my life better by any means. I’m just incredibly lucky to have an amazing family to join me for the ride.

Thank you Helen! We think you're killing the Martha Stewart lifestyle. Good luck with Baby no. 3.

Joey x

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