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Updated: Feb 17, 2019

A while ago, not long after the arrival of Knox, myself and my new Mama friends decided it would be a good idea to improve on our first aid skills, so we invited the wonderful Sammy from Happy Hearts First Aid to show us the ropes.

Sammy runs Happy Hearts First Aid Training, providing flexible, fun and interactive

first aid training. She has worked as a nurse, and a nurse teacher, loves running her

small business when she is not running around after her two young kids. Here she

shares a few tips on how she manages the constant juggle of running a business and

family life.

Focus, mumma!

I have always been a bit of an “octopus mum” with busy hands trying to do several

things at once, but never really getting anything productive done. Now I try to write

a list of 3 achievable tasks in the morning and focus on one thing at a time.

Early bird catches the worm.

I know this is a bit of a controversial one, but I wake up before the kids. If I can get a

couple of jobs done before they wake up, I feel like I am gliding into the morning

gracefully like Cinderella in her horse and carriage. It might just be sending off a

couple of emails, or starting to plan for upcoming events, or even just prepping the

lunches. Sometimes it is just having a cuppa in peace!

Be proud of yourself.

As mums, we give our kids praise and encouragement all the time. When my little

boy started his toilet training, the simple act of him using the potty would literally

result in a song and dance, a high five and big cuddles. I am not saying I need that

type of accolade when I use the bathroom, but as a mum you have to be able to pat

yourself on the back. Whether you are managing to get the kids to nursery on time,

running a small business, still at home, back to work, or just getting through one

tantrum at a time - we are all doing a great job and it is really important we

remember this.

Sammy thank you for sharing your advice on juggling work/family life. I definitely sleep better at night knowing I have the knowledge of what to do up my sleeve and you on speed dial.

If you haven't seen it already, or just want a recap - check out the essential tips on first aid below.


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