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Updated: Aug 23, 2018

One of the first questions that springs to mind when you find out you're expecting, is 'what should you buy when having a baby?' Well, they may be small, but they sure do need a lot of kit.

Being one of the first in my friendship group to 'get knocked up' I am always getting asked exactly what we needed. Now, being relatively disorganised, Andy and I had the "if we need it we can get it on Amazon" idea in our mind, so we really didn't over spend. Plus, with so many superstores being 24hrs these days, its also pretty easy to get anything you need urgently that day.

In no particular order, ok well some, top 5 first, here is my list of essentials for what you should buy when having a baby.

Top 5

1. Sleepyhead - perfect if you want to co-sleep or it sits nicely inside your larger cot. This was amazing, Knox could sleep anywhere in it contently, including in my bed and I slept soundly knowing I couldn't roll on him.

2. Baby Bjorn Bouncer - ergonomic, comfortable and stylish. This was the ONLY place Knox was happy other than in my arms when he was awake. Ideal to give you 5 mins to nip to the loo, stuff your face or pump.

things to buy for a baby

3. Baby Bjorn Carrier - with the above in mind, a carrier is an essential for bonding in my eyes, your baby is content being close and you can get up and out when you're ready. There is also a mini which is super soft, easy to wear and easy to fit your baby. Win, Win, Win.

4. Silver Cross Wave - the kids gotta have wheels, and by wheels I mean the swankiest pram out there. There are so many reasons why I love, love, love this pram - watch my unboxing to find out why.

5. Chicco Polly Magic Relax - I didn't discover this until Knox was 4 months old but, if I could have had it sooner I would have. Perfect from newborn, this is ideal for popping your freshly hatched baby in whilst you enjoy your meal time. Also like the BabyBJorn bouncer, its great if your baby suffers from reflux.

So, my top 5 are the big items you'll need to invest in, but the rest you can collect in the months leading up to your babies arrival.


Vests - having learned the hard way, I'd definitely recommend buying kimono vests. Something you'll soon become used to is nappy explosions, also known as 'poonami's'. To eliminate more disaster, I found being able to totally unbutton vests life changing and there is no risk of spreading poop everywhere. Depending on the time of year your baby is born, I'd buy a couple of packets of long and short sleeve in newborn and 0-3 months. MORI have an amazing range of incredibly soft basics or if you're wanting to save on penny's H&M do long and short sleeve too.

Sleepsuits - for the first few months, Knox lived in sleepsuits. With the amount of changes he went through a day, it wasn't worth choosing any 'outfits'. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with a baby in clean white and John Lewis have a basic organic cotton range I swore by. It also makes for stress free washing, as everything can be thrown in together. Another of my favourite brands for sleepsuits is Kissy Kissy, they wash up so well, and are that little bit more luxe. These too, I'd buy one or two packets in Newborn and 0-3 months.

Hats, socks, gloves and mitts - hats are an essential to leaving the hospital so make sure you have one packed in your hospital bag. We bought lots of socks as it was pretty cold when Knox was born, so had them under his sleepsuits. Scratch mitts are also useful to have if your sleepsuits don't have them.

Muslin's - Useful for so many things, I stocked up on these. Once again MORI have an amazing range, and I also ordered some of Amazon.

Sleeping Bag - Knox has a range of MORI sleeping bags which kept him cosy in the winter, they also do a fantastic Newborn swaddle bag which we used for the first few months until he was big enough to transition into his full sleeping bag. Its totally worth investing in a good sleeping bag, as they can stay in them until they're 2. The MORI sleeping bag range also has a little opening to allow you to move your baby into their carseat without taking them out of the sleeping bag.

Bath Essentials - when you're ready to bath your baby, there are a few options, a tub, made by Schnuggle or a bath support by Angelcare we opted for the support, which worked so well and Knox adored bath time from the get-go.

We also stocked up on super sensitive baby products from Childs Farm to keep his baby soft skin protected and clean.

Knox has a few bath towels & flannels from Petit Bateau, MORI and The White Company.

Dummies - you either love them or hate them - we love them! Its good to go with the same brand that you choose your bottles from.

Bottles - knowing I was keen to pump, I had a few bottles ready to use. We opted for MAM anti-colic as a lot of my friends had recommended them. I found the teets on these were great for Knox's small mouth.

Steriliser - we opted for a steam steriliser which was great to throw all his bottles in. This Philips 3-in-1 Steriliser is the one we have and it works very well.

Breast Pump - I actually had two pumps, initially I had the Medela Swing which was great and I later discovered the Yoomi pump, which I ended up preferring.

Obviously, you'll need to get some nappies, wipes, and nappy cream too, but hopefully the above list will get you set up nicely ready for your babies arrival.


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