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Yikes, I hear you say? What is she thinking? She must be crazy!?! Travelling with a baby, is not fun, its a chore!! Well, after weeks of nagging, I finally convinced my husband it was a good idea, so we packed up our car (to the brim) and went on a mini break with our mini-me.

So, the reality of the trip was better than anticipated, and Knox actually loved being somewhere new. I'm not going to lie, it did help that we were in one of our favourite places in the world Chewton Glen.

Andy and I have been on a few romantic trips to stay in the beautiful Tree Houses, and this time there was a totally new dynamic, but with a hot tub on the balcony and miles of country walks to indulge in we couldn't have loved it more. Chewton Glen is actually really well equipped for trips away with kids. There was a dishwasher in our suite, extra beds for slightly older children and lots of activities for them to participate in, whilst you get some much needed R&R. The only thing I'd change about the trip would have been to stay longer. We weren't quite brave enough to stay for more than one night in case Knox had meltdowns, but in fact he was an angel, and this was my last full night sleep before we hit the dreaded four month sleep regression.

For the grown-ups, there are two delicious restaurants to enjoy, we actually braved taking Knox for his first Michelin Star experience, thankfully he slept through the whole thing, and we were able to enjoy Oysters & Lobster Thai Curry. The Kitchen, the new restaurant, has the most incredible Sea Bass, Pizza's and Burgers, YUM!

As for the SPA, we didn't actually make it there this time, but it is totally calming, indulgent and a must for those without babies. You are allowed to take babies swimming within an allocated time slot, but Knox decided it was nap time right in the middle of it, so his super cute new swimming trunks are still unused.

What we took: As this was our first trip away, we definitely took more than we needed, but here is a list of the things I think you need.

Sleepyhead - Knox loves this, its almost like his home away from home:

Travel Cot - We have a great Baby Bjorn one that folds up very small in a carry bag:

Breast Pump - My favourite pump is by Yoomi, I'm totally obsessed with pumping. This pump has both electric and manual options and a fantastic bottle that heats milk to the perfect temp in 60 seconds:

Steriliser - We took half of the steriliser that we use at home to save space, Knox also uses MAM antic-colic self sterilising bottles if you have a microwave where you are staying. I also swear by Milton wipes:

Sleeping Bag - Mori have an amazing range of sleeping bags, which Knox uses every night to keep snuggly:

Medical/Must Haves - Calpol, Teething Gel, Teething Granules, and Sophie the Giraffe - all hotels have first aid kits for anything else:

Baby Carrier - My go to carrier is Baby Bjorn, I take this everywhere with me, its the perfect resolution to any tantrum and a must for country walks:

Car Seat & Pram - To save space we used the car seat fitting on our Silver Cross Wave which worked perfectly when we were eating:


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