• Joey Kendal Brown


Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Being a real lover of the Silver Cross range, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new Reflex - Marie-Chantal. Designed by HRH Princess Marie-Chantal, this pushchair exudes luxury whilst remaining functional with the reflex design.

With a vintage-inspired colour scheme, the attention is in the detail from pin-stripe fabric liner and a cream chassis to intricate crown etchings on the chrome detailing.

Designed for ultimate comfort the original Reflex uses the unique Baby Curve™ technology, allowing the ergonomic backrest to be breathable with maximum airflow, creating a natural, comfortable position for the baby.

Incredibly easy to assemble, the Reflex - Marie-Chantal is a sturdy workhorse, yet nimble and surprisingly compact. Despite being umbrella folding, it even fits in my Smart Car. Unlike most pushchairs there is plenty of padding and support for the baby, putting your mind at rest when out and about. Using the nifty newborn padding you can also use this from birth to 25kg, meaning its an investment worth making.

Have a watch of my full review for more details and information on how to use the Reflex - Marie-Chantal.

Shop the Reflex here.


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