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Something I ask myself often. Should I stay or should I go? Mum-guilt plays a huge part in my decision making when thinking about travelling. More often than not, I overcome the urge to turn down opportunities/work and head off for 24hrs or even just a night out, but I have a huge knot in my stomach when even contemplating travelling to Korea to visit the hubby.

Knox is over one, and a very happy boy, but we've had various set-backs with weight-loss, low iron and sleeping (or lack there of) and I've found it incredibly hard to make the decision to head half-way across the world to Korea. Now don't get me wrong both Andy & Knox are my world (see what I did there ;)) but I almost feel like Knox, in this case, needs me more.

When asking advice from friends, relatives, other parents, there is definitely a generation divide. Grandparent's, say they don't, but absolutely do like to sway my decisions, and any other parents in our circle of friends think I should go, go, go.

To help me come to my own decision, I've decided to way up the pros & cons of heading away. Hopefully, this will help me, and you if you're in a similar boat.


1. Get to see the husband (or fulfil the great opportunity on the horizon)

2. Travel to an amazing part of the world I've never seen (something we'd planned I do before I fell pregnant)

3. Sleep (please no jet-lag)

4. Recharge batteries, ready to come home and own mum-life

5. Knox will probably (definitely) be none the wiser in years to come

6. No soft-play for a WEEK #winning

7. He will be spoilt rotten by Grandparents


1. A whole week away from my sweet precious little baby

2. If something happen's to Knox I'm half the world away (this is the main reason I don't want to go)

3. I will miss him, will he miss me? (every over-protective crazy mama's first thought)

4. He's just starting to sleep, will he become unsettled?

5. Very clingy baby, will he pine for me, or out of site out of mind?

6. Weight-loss, Knox is a poor eater, and only eats well with me. Can he afford to go a whole week with less food? Even all the food prep in the world won't help

7. He will be spoilt rotten by Grandparents

I think even before writing this, I knew my decision, and despite the wonderful time I could have had, timings just aren't right for us. Knox's health is just too much of a priority for me to relax and head away.


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