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Pregnancy can be a bitter-sweet feeling when you wave goodbye to your waist and half your wardrobe at the same time. But, when I was pregnant, I discovered a whole new way to dress.

By utilising key items from my existing wardrobe and spending no more than £30 on any new pieces, I was able to glide through the next 9 months comfortably and affordably. Here's my guide on 'how to dress your bump on a budget'.


A basic dress was my go-to throughout pregnancy, I wen't from being a 7 days a week in jeans girl, to a dress a day. My theory worked a lot like the desk-to-dinner concept. If I started with a basic t-shirt or ribbed dress, I could build my outfits accordingly. I also opted not to go up a size, as I chose fabrics wisely, so I can still slip the dresses on now. Anyone that's been pregnant, or is about to be will soon realise that getting dressed is a CHORE, and cleaning up the pile of cast-off clothes get's harder every day. Another great benefit of wearing dresses is there is no pressure on the bump, allowing you and the baby the most comfort whilst going about your daily chores.

Zara, who have recently launched a maternity collection featuring all of my go-to rib dresses (I like to think my posts inspired them), which consists mainly of the same pieces as non-maternity, H&M and so many more high street brands have an amazing selection, but here are a few of my faves! I always make a conscious decision to shop with brands that are making an effort with sustainable fashion, and by wearing pieces suitable for both maternity and not, I feel like you're definitely working towards having a less 'disposable' wardrobe.

Once you have a few staple basics in your wardrobe, you can glam-up with just a few key items.

Key Items

Jackets & outerwear - possibly the only items in your wardrobe that you'll be able to fit into from 8 weeks to birth, I used my outerwear to make it look like I was surviving on more than a few dresses.

One jacket, three ways. As you can see above, my All Saints leather jacket came out a lot.

Look 1. Styled with a simple lightweight t-shirt dress that I've had for years, I added a denim shirt and the leather jacket. Hot flushes come in waves, so my other tip would be to wear a few layers that you can ditch when you turn into a hot mess.

Look 2. Midway through my pregnancy, I caved and bought some over-the-bump jeans. I didn't wear them often as THEY ALWAYS SLIP DOWN, causing me to waddle but, they did the job for the days my dresses were in the wash. If you are going to invest in some maternity jeans, I'd suggest trying them on and doing some squats (whilst no one is looking) to know if they'll stay up.

Look 3. As the weather cooled, I pulled out an old All Saints jumper dress, which is great pared with leather trousers, tights, or bare legs. By chucking on my leather jacket, I was not so conscious of my massive bump or my chest doubling in size. Draping a jacket over your shoulders is a perfect way to cover up.


As you can see in my previous looks, I subconsciously opted for a slightly larger bag, as my bump grew. This is a great way to balance the size of your bump but, be cautious not to carry anything too heavy whilst pregnant. I also added hats, neck scarfs, and played with hairstyles to give the same outfits a new look.


As I super-sized, I turned to some trusty autumn knitwear and borrowed my husbands wardrobe. Lumper-jack shirts and deep-v jumpers made me feel there was still a little glamour in a more 'frumpy' look by nudging them off my shoulder and adding feminine lace bra's underneath. Which take's me to my next style tip. Wearing underwired pushup bra's whilst heavily pregnant is so uncomfortable. The wonderful Liz at Odette lingerie introduced me to Cosabella lace brallet's for a bigger bust, they're slightly more expensive than the high street equivalent, but the quality and support makes it worth it.

There you have it! A few of the things I learned along the way. Hope it helps.


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