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Recently I was asked by Toddle Kind to road-test and review their stunning new range of play mats, and of course, I jumped at the opportunity. Have a little read, or watch to see exactly what I thought about the play mat and why its become a firm staple in our family room.

Just a few of the reasons why this is the playmat for us:

1. Design. Having kids doesn't mean your house has to look like a nursery. The beautiful Nordic and French-inspired prints from ToddleKind actually made our home look more glamorous!

2. Practicality. The mats come in 6 pieces, which you assemble in a jigsaw manner which also allows you to add additional pieces if you desire a larger play mat. They're also super easy to pack away.

3. Hygiene. As you know, kids make a MESS. The mats are easy to wipe clean, and hoover. However, double check in a small area before hoovering so not to damage the print.

4. Safety. The mats are vigorously tested to high standards, and made of EVA foam. Their thick design means no more bumps if your baby trips (something that happens all the time when learning to walk and crawl).

5. Insulation. The thick foam provides the perfect answer to cold wooden, stone floors so Knox can sit happily playing with his toys.

6. Versatility. The play mat isn't just for kids, it makes the perfect place to practice pilates, yoga or whatever you fancy. No excuses not to exercise for me now.

Best Play Mat for Kids

I hope you found my review helpful. Feel free to DM me on Instagram or comment below! Head over to the Toddle Kind website for more info.

Joey xx


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