• Joey Kendal Brown


A smile is very telling, and my smile has certainly grown since having Knox, but I've always wanted it to sparkle that little bit more. These past few months, I've been working with Dr Mark Hughes at his Harley Street Dental Studio to do just that. Thanks to Dr Mark and Enlighten, I now have my perfect smile. Yippee!

I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to beauty if you hadn't already guessed, but there are some things that I really take pride in. One being my smile, the other my hair. I would go as far to say, that they're my most defining features.

As a child, and teenager, I had very jumbled teeth and it actually wasn't until I was 17 that I finally took the plunge and had braces. I was more self-conscious about having braces than the higgledy-piggledy mess my teeth were in so, I really took some convincing. Now, I'm very glad I was persuaded.

Fast forward a few years, and I had my first experience with teeth whitening. The method, which now feels 'vintage' in many ways, was a one size fits all paper-thin sheet of plastic loaded with the whitening gel. Don't get me wrong, it worked, but it was a far inferior product and method compared with what is available now.

When I was invited down to Dr Mark Hughes, Harley Street Dental Studio, I knew I was in safe hands, the best in fact, with numerous accolades under their belt, its one of the leading Dental Studios in the Country.

My first appointment involved looking at the current condition of my teeth, which was actually fascinating, deciding on the process we would use, then talking me through or should I say enlighten-ing me on the whitening process itself, and fitting moulds which I would collect at my second appointment. Having not indulged in much 'me' time since the arrival of Knox. I think I enjoyed sitting back and relaxing in the dental chair a little too much. So much so, I almost drifted off. I should add, the Harley Street Dental Studio is incredibly opulent, without an intimidating atmosphere. The whole team, are warm, welcoming and of course, sporting perfect smiles.

My second appointment was short and sweet. Dr Mark presented me with my own Enlighten home treatment kit and gave a detailed demonstration of how to use it. Each kit contains your trays, desensitising swabs, two syringes of the whitening gel, one 10% and one 16%, plus another 16% just in case I needed more before my next appointment. I also took home some desensitising toothpaste which worked wonders, as I didn't suffer from any discomfort whilst whitening. It was really clear that Enlighten had thought about every detail and made the whole procedure as easy as possible.

The next few weeks involved dedication on my part. Each night I applied my teeth whitening trays, eagerly awaiting the results. I would say after three 5hour treatments of the 10% gel, I already noticed the effects. So much so, I actually looked at photos without thinking my teeth need whitening.

To give you a little more detail on the process, the gel itself only works for 5hrs, so you can opt to wear the trays in the evening before bed, or if you want to, you can sleep with them in, which is what I did. One thing, I also noticed, was that I grind my teeth. Dr Mark had also mentioned this in my initial appointment, where he pointed out that my molars were slightly caving at the back. So, to protect my teeth from further damage some nights, I now wear the trays without the gel.

After three weeks flew by, I headed back to Harley Street to have my final treatment and assessment. This consisted of three short whitening sessions, followed by a supersonic clean from the wonderful Hygienist Katherine Arnold. The whitening process that takes place in the Studio, is actually of a more concentrated lower percentage gel. Each session lasted just 20 minutes and a desensitising solution was applied every time. Finally, the moment of truth, I headed back in to see Dr Mark Hughes, where he revealed the progress of the whitening. Both of us, thrilled with the results.

As for the aftercare, Dr Mark suggested maintaining the colour by applying the gel once a month and to continue using the enlighten toothpaste. All in all, I was astonished at how easy and successful the whole process was. Thanks to Dr Mark and his team, I now have my perfect smile.



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