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Updated: Aug 23, 2018

I've had a lot of interest in what I get up to on a daily basis with Knox, so I thought I'd write out our daily routine that works best for us. I'm not going to lie, I'm not the best at sticking to routines myself, but the fundamentals all stay the same.

The 5am Stew

At around 5am every day, Knox begins stewing ready for his first milk fill of the day. Due to him being a light feeder, he's still not sleeping from 7pm to 7am, but he is a lot better than our initial 4 month sleep regression. At this point, he is quite alert and my only option is to sneak him into bed with me where he will happily nod off for a few more hours sleep.

Wake up - 7am (ish)

No matter what time Knox goes to bed, he generally get's up for good anywhere between 7am & 7.30am. At this point I give him the rest of his morning milk. This is anything between 4 & 7 oz. After 20 mins of him pottering about his bedroom playing with toys, I will drag myself out of bed and downstairs where he will continue to play, whilst I prepare his breakfast and a big-ass cup of coffee for me (of course it will be cold by the time I actually drink it, but knowing its there is enough!). Every night I try to move round his toys and swap them for ones he hasn't used so it's a little more exciting for him to wake up to.


For breakfast, which Knox has an hour after waking, he has a bowl of Ready Brek or Weetabix with banana on special occasions, and sometimes a little slice of toast too. He loves toast, but most of it gets smushed on to the floor. To be honest, half his breakfast gets thrown out of the bowl, but that's why they invented Flash wipes, right? Sitting down isn't for Knox, so, he usually has his breakfast (which he polishes off if I make it the right consistency) whilst circling the coffee table and practising his standing. Don't judge me yet, the best is still to come. He also has Peppa Pig blasting out of the TV the whole time too. Recently Knox has decided he would like to drink out of an adults Brita bottle, so he washes down his brekki with some delicious fresh-filtered water before climbing up his toys, into the dishwasher or onto the sofa. Our sofa is white. What. Were. We. Thinking?

Morning Nap

As I count down the remaining minutes of the two hours he has been awake, I gulp down my coffee and prepare another small bottle for Knox. I usually do some puzzles with him, practice some walking or read him a book. I like him to feel properly satisfied before I take him back to bed, as he definitely settles better when we have covered all bases. His morning nap generally lasts anything between 1-2hrs. They're definitely becoming shorter. On a good day, he will sleep for 1hr 30 and wake in a delightful mood. Any less than 1hr, and he is fractious until his next nap.

Pre-Lunch Play

Before lunch, I let Knox have another play, hoping that he will sit in his high-chair for lunch. Otherwise, it's dining a-la-action, walking round the coffee table again. If he's up for a fair amount of time before lunch, I'll give him a little snack. He's only on the 9th percentile, so any opportunity to get some extra food in there, I take. The same applies for milk, if he's up before 11am, I give him another small bottle. I'm always pleased if he's had 10oz of milk before lunch. Otherwise, he'll rehydrate on his own with his Brita bottle. He's very independent so helping him out, isn't appreciated.


If you hadn't guessed already, Knox is a man who knows what he wants, and that is not my cooking, unless its a roast dinner (which is actually Andy's cooking). Despite trying a multitude of recipes, he much prefers Ella's cooking. Expensive taste, I know. But, after persevering I have managed to incorporate a combination of homemade meals with a few pouches thrown in for good measure. My homemade meals range from baked fish, potato, veg and a little stock (I blend half and keep some flaked fish), to one pot chicken casseroles. He also loves a side of avocado with his pouches. Depending on how long he will sit in his high chair for, sometimes he has a pudding too. Either fruit or yogurt go down a treat.

Post-lunch panic

This is the time of day, Knox can be at his touchiest. Tired after battling the straps on his high chair, it's touch and go as to whether he's up for playing on his own, or has me madly running around the house collecting his belongings and dashing out of the door to prevent a meltdown. In his fairness, I'd say he only has two off days a week. The rest he's a dream. Energetic, but a dream.

Afternoon Nap

Ideally his nap will be anytime between 1.30pm & 2pm. If, I time it right then he'll be up before 3pm and a delight to put to bed come 7.30pm. He generally has his nap in the car as the afternoons are when I like to escape the house. We both get cabin fever. When he wakes he has another bottle which he'll finish before 4.30pm. Usually he's had between 15 - 18oz before dinner.

Afternoons Out

For us it's a must to get some fresh air. Whether it's a walk or a coffee, Knox loves being out of the house. He is literally a different person. If we are stuck at home for any reason, I will be battling meltdowns for the duration. However, if we are out, he is in his element, pointing at people, screaming with delight when birds fly past, and generally being cute. Again if there is the opportunity, I'll try and give Knox some more food.

Dinner (I'm banned from using the word supper)

Like with lunch, I'll either prepare something for Knox, or let him enjoy a pouch. For dinner he's usually more willing to sit down. Knox eats before us at 5/5.30pm, but if he's still up when we have our dinner, I'll give him his own plate of ours too. I'm a feeder, I know. But, with a kid that's always on the go, you gotta do what you gotta do! After I've finished scraping the food that missed Knox's mouth off the floor and walls, I'll take him up for a bath, or let him wind down with another reading session, although he is so excited when reading, it can have a detrimental effect.

And so to bed...

Finally at around 7.30pm, I'll lie Knox on the double bed in his room, where he will get back up and repeatedly throw himself wildly into the duvet for around 20 mins. Depending on my patience, and whether or not I have dinner waiting for me, I will either let him wear himself out and put him to bed awake, but dozy, or frantically rock him into a state of calm. There was one night, when we'd had a particularly bad day, it was 29 degrees outside, and even my knee caps were sweating. Knox was not going to sleep, I was rocking him like a crazy woman and suddenly I thought "I'm one of those mums that the 'Super Nanny' comes to save". It was then, that I started to phase out the rocking, and now, I only vary rarely use that technique. Whilst all of this is going on, Knox has a MyHummy and musical bear blasting out lullabies.

The Final Supper

Anywhere between 11.30pm & 12.30am, Knox wakes up for his 'dream feed'. He is so precious at this time. As you can imagine, there isn't much time for cuddles and affection with his action packed attitude, so I LOVE giving him this feed. He snuggles in, pulls the sweetest faces, and all of the tantrums are forgotten.

Our routine is anything but conventional, but it works for us and Knox honestly goes days without crying. He's happy, sweet and thriving when it comes to learning and that totally outweighs the lack of sleep.


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