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Is it me, or do mums-of-social-media spend more time highlighting the negativity around parenting than the good?

Don't get me wrong, I love a good rant, but I'm starting to get fed up of seeing so much negativity about being a parent. Correct me if I'm wrong, but once upon a time these mums were desperate to have kids and, I'm a little astonished they're so surprised motherhood is not all it's cracked up to be.

I was chatting to one of my close friends the other day about mothers, social media, and who she was still in touch with from her NCT group and we noticed that mums only pipe up in times of desperate need and when they want to vent. The rest of the time, they're radio silent. This friend of mine has been 'lucky' some would say, her little boy eats well, sleeps well and rarely cries, and she feels she can't mention any of the said topics should she look 'braggy'. Surely we should be praising how amazingly well she is doing, she's calm, collected and this reflects in how happy her little boy is, she also parents her way and doesn't take advice from other mums.

I totally understand how there can be competition between mothers, and also the feeling of failure if your baby is lagging in certain areas, but to spend so much time complaining, when some women are unable to have children is just a little ignorant in my opinion.

As a relatively new mother, I try to focus on the positives, Knox is doing incredibly well reaching milestones, he's sitting up, almost walking and crawling early but, he is so energetic I struggle to get him to eat and drink enough which means he's waking in the night for a snack. I've learn't to ignore advise of other mothers (young and old, they all think they know best) that haven't got a similar situation to ours, as things like stretching Knox between feeds or ignoring him in the night are just not an option for us. In fact it infuriates me to think that I listened back at the beginning as it must have been so confusing for Knox when he was trying to establish his own routine. Now we are so much happier and calmer, and Knox now goes days without crying!

I think a lot of the negativity is a shield for fear of failure, almost like addressing the elephant in the room before anyone gets the chance to criticise.

I think a lot of the negativity is a shield for fear of failure, almost like addressing the elephant in the room before anyone gets the chance to criticise. "Oh hey, my kid is a pain in the ass, the night shifts are a drag and I'm not cut out for this". Don't get me wrong, I love a good winge, but there is a fine line between being funny and crossing that line. I'm not saying everyone needs to be that friend that posts 35 pictures of little Jimmy eating a carrot stick on their facebook feed, but I do think we should be taking the 'GIRL POWER' we love so much right now and high five-ing the mums that have got their shit together too.

So in honour of this, below are my favourite PMA Bloggers. Thats Positive Mummy Attitude Bloggers in case you hadn't guessed. Yikes! I've become cheesy in my old age.


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