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This is a special post for me. The last year has been a total whirlwind of so many ups and a few downs (damn sleepless nights), but we've successfully survived our first year of parenthood, whoop! I can't believe Knox turns one today.

When I was pregnant with him, I imagined all of the things we might do, but in reality life is so different. Parenting is tough, but also SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE. Yes, that needed to be shouted, as I honestly wasn't in any way interested in anyone's kids until Knox arrived, and now I love them all!

After struggling to make it through each day in the early months, it wasn't long before I became 'that mum', the mum I'm sure we all are, but only some of us let sneak out in public. The mum that is so proud of every little thing their child does, e.g "Knox did this today", or "Knox did that 3 months ago" (eye roll from anyone listening) people switch off mid conversation. I do try and reign myself in but, I'm just so proud...and relieved all at the same time. Andy won't admit it, but he's the same too! Of course, the truth is, we're congratulating ourselves on our have-a-go parenting style, and totally relieved that Knox has actually eaten a meal without it being thrown half way across the house and smeared into the white sofa to finish. It's safe to say, every time we think we have a new parenting hack nailed, Knox discovers a new talent and bam, we're back to square one. But, with his first year coming to an end, I decided we had to throw him a little party to celebrate (even though he's actually not fond of play dates with anyone bigger than him...unless its a girl), and with the help of technology, make sure he remembers it. To our surprise he seemed to love it.

Having never planned a party before, except the few absinthe fueled dinner parties I hosted in Edinburgh back in the day, I didn't really know where to begin. Unlike adults, you can't just ply kids with alcohol to get the party started, so I decided we needed a theme. Knox is obsessed with giraffes, so I scoured the internet for various jungle themed parties and went from there. Where Inspiration Blooms, kindly loaned us their amazing venue to host the party, so I popped down early on Sunday and set up. Biting off more than I could chew (I've had various work commitments on) I also decided to bake the cake, and cupcakes and blow up what felt like 100000000 balloons the day before. I was told the cake was 'delicious' so maybe it wasn't so bad after all. The balloons however, didn't look like the fabulous arch I had in mind. More like a scattering of colour around the room. As for party bags, they included some healthy treats from Scrummies, some animal stickers and toys, Candy Kittens, halloween treats and a little wish band from Wish Upon A Shoestring for the Mamas.

So, with a heart bursting with pride, I introduce Knox's first birthday video. I hope you guys enjoy it.


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