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Updated: Oct 3, 2018

I’m currently sitting in my car, waiting for Knox to wake up, so, thought I’d write a little update on the best toys to buy a baby 4-6+ months old.

Best toys to buy a 4-6+ month old baby

This is a key stage where your little one will possibly start sitting, rolling and even beginning to crawl. For us it was life changing, as Knox loved to be able to sit up and see the world from a whole new perspective. Most toys on the market are designed to help develop a new skill, and teaching your baby that with each movement, drop of a ball, or push of a button there will be a consequence.

Skiphop Activity Centre

One of our favourite investments (gifts from Gigi and Grandpa) was Knox’s Skiphop activity centre. Optional to use from 4 months on, it's one of the only activity tables on the market that you’re able to use before 6 months old. With a full 360 rotating chair, your baby is able to twist and use the multiple toy attachments on the table. For extra comfort and stability we initially supported Knox with a rolled up blanket in the seat. Once your baby is on the go the centre turns into a nifty table and you can purchase a chair too. This honestly still occupies Knox and he’s fast approaching 10 months old. With all components of the table removable, it’s also very easy to clean. A big 10 out of 10 from me. Knox has another activity bouncer which he is totally underwhelmed by despite its fancy appearance, as the toys don’t move or need any initiative to interact with.

VTech Learning Activity Table

Because one activity table is never enough, and Knox’s attention span is that of a nat. We (Gigi and Grandpa) also bought him the VTech learning activity table. With removable legs, this is perfect for when they learn to sit, or even for entertainment during tummy time. Its guided age is +6 months, but Knox enjoyed it from 4 months, and it's still his go-to toy now. With the legs fitted, it is the perfect hight for a newly standing baby, and is safe and stable for them to navigate round and use the various gadgets. VTech has fast become one of our go-to toy brands, as Knox seems to just gravitate to anything we've bought from them.

best things to buy a 4-6 month old baby

Chicco Next2 Stars

The next on my list isn't a toy as such, but it is a fantastic aid for sleeping and creating a calm environment before bed. We actually have three variations of the Chicco Next2 Stars Blue, its that valuable in our house! Knox is mesmerised by the patterns on the ceilings and goes to bed and for naps with the music playing.

Liewood Mateo Wood Box Puzzle

More pleasing on the eye, thank the lord, Knox loves this Liewood Mateo Wood Puzzle (a gift from his Nanny and Grandad). Knox loves to pair the the shapes and push them through the correct hole (with help).

Galt Pop-Up Toy

The Galt Pop-Up Toy is an absolute must! The delight on Knox's face when he simultaneously pings two pegs is priceless. It's also under £10 and a great gift if you're looking to buy something for a friend. The guided age is 12 months, but Knox can ping, and replace the pegs competently and we always supervise his playtime.

So, they're my top 5. I hope if you invest in any, your little one has as much enjoyment as Knox has with them.

Joey x


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