• Joey Kendal Brown


As the cold weather creeps in, I've found myself reaching for hearty winter stews and soups over my usual salads. I'm an absolute lover of being able to cook meals in one pan. I basically don't enjoy cooking or being tied to the kitchen, so my Chicken & Thyme Winter Stew ticks all boxes.

This recipe is super easy and packed full of nutrients to help fight the nasty flu season.

What you'll need:

Chicken or Turkey (I use 8-10 chicken thighs)

Brussel Sprouts (one pack of mini sprouts)

Mixed Carrots (one pack of mini carrots)

Butternut Squash x 1 (or use pre-chopped pack)

Sweet Potato (1/2 per person) (or use pre-chopped pack)

Potato (one per person)

Cabbage (one pack pre-chopped)

Onion x 1

Leeks x 2

Stock (one ultra-low-salt stock cube per person, I do chuck in a few regular stock cubes if I want it to be a little more flavoursome. Using the ultra-low-salt stock cubes can make the broth more watery so you may need to add corn flour.)

Fresh Thyme Sprigs (I usually add to taste)

Mixed Herbs

1. Begin by searing the chicken, garlic and onions on a high heat.

2. Once browned, lower the heat, add vegetables, potato and stock covering the meat (I add more stock, covering the contents, as it blends better for Knox). Season with mixed herbs and thyme.

3. Allow the stew to simmer on a low heat for 45 mins to an hour. Check occasionally and stir. If I have time, I leave my stew to simmer for 1hr30 to ensure all vegetables are tender.

4. Serve, garnish, devour.


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