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Updated: Apr 21, 2018

So, you've been there (or are about to be) you have no time to get ready, you shower when you can, brush your hair next to never and still dread the thought you have 'let yourself go'. On the other hand, you baby is impeccably dressed, with a new outfit every day, hashtag winning. Well, here is my go to guide on how to baby proof your wardrobe. I can safely say I can now get ready in 4mins 27seconds, but who's counting...

My wardrobe staples are cute jeans, a vest or tee, a statement knit and some (I look like I made an effort but didn't) accessories. My favourite are silver or gold hoops, but wear them with a warning as if your baby is anything like Knox, they will hang off them. If you can, opt for a clip on, as the risk of injury is far lower!

Unfortunately the weather in England is never the best, so I've lived in Dr Martin's and Cowboy boots for the last 5 Months, but on occasion I do slip on a pair of suede boots or loafers.

You, probably know from my Instagram that my go-to colour is black, if that even is a colour. I've actually started to dress Knox in black as well, as it hides a multitude of sins. I always vowed I'd never have one of those messy babies but, unfortunately mess chose us, and wearing black is no longer a choice but a necessity. I've also become rather fond of 'Twinning' with Knox, this has also inspired me to change my outfits up a little and dig deeper into my wardrobe when I dress myself. Plus, its impossible to resist buying mini versions of clothes I already own.

Hack 1 - accessorise, it instantly makes you look like you have made an effort, when the reality is you spent 15 seconds adding some earrings and grabbing a luxe bag (which probably has nothing in, as you carry everything you need in life in your nappy bag).

Hack 2 - opt for dark colours, for you and your mini-me. Trust me you'll thank me later. Washing baskets are never empty these days. There are also so many awesome trendy new mini brands out there, Nununu and Turtledove LDN just to name a few.

Hack 3 - opt for wipe clean fabrics like waxed jeans, leather or PU. I have patted myself on the back many occasion when wiping clean whatever disaster has landed on me.

Hack 4 - layer up! that way when you've been puked on, you can lose a layer and crack on with the day.


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