• Joey Kendal Brown


Fed up of feeling lethargic, or keen to keep fit throughout your pregnancy? Check out my simple, safe exercises to help you along the way. These combinations of exercises are perfect for you in your third trimester.

antenatal exercise third trimester

As I was already teaching ballet barre, I continued to exercise as normal until 25 weeks pregnant, you can however exercise until you're full term. Its great to keep active and stay fit throughout your pregnancy, and in fact its proven to be beneficial for the birth if you continue to exercise. There are so many fantastic classes out there that are suitable for pregnancy, and on the plus side you get to meet other ladies in the local area that are pregnant too! I really struggled to eat healthily as I hated veg, salad, and protein and found myself devouring toast, crips, croissants to stop my sickness, so this was a perfect resolution to stay slim and feel good about my ever expanding body!

Always ensure you're working out in a safe environment and check that it is safe for you to exercise with your doctor before going ahead. Always make sure you keep nice and hydrated whilst exercising.


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