• Joey Kendal Brown


Updated: Jun 21, 2018

After 10 months of cooking my own little baby, I finally gave birth. In the most emotional life changing of all my Baby Diaries, I share my labour experience.

With absolutely no idea what was about to happen, Andy and I headed to the hospital one last time with reduced fetal movements. As I was over my due date, the doctors made the decision to induce me, and life as two was history.

As anyone who has been induced knows, there is a lot of waiting, mainly because if you're not high risk, which we weren't, you are at the bottom of the queue for space in the labour ward. But, after 24hrs of being kept in hospital and monitored, I was next in line. So, sit back and enjoy our labour experience. It wasn't all smooth sailing, but with a fantastic team supporting us, we were fighting fit in no time.


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