• Joey Kendal Brown


As the title says, I'm 6 months pregnant! And after what felt like a terrible few months of sickness and not really enjoying pregnancy at alI, I've taken a turn for the better. I always rolled my eyes at those women that sprung out of bed, 'not even feeling pregnant', but finally I feel like I've joined their club.

6 months pregnant

Clearly I got carried away, and have been buying so many new cute little things for Knox. One of my favourite brands is TOMS, who have a one for one concept. Basically every time you purchase something, they give back, so for shoes, a child in need will get a pair of shoes, and for coffee, they provide water, for sunglasses they provide eye care and restoration of sight, and the giving that resonates so highly with me now, is the gift of safe birth when you purchase a bag. Have a little read here to see some of the amazing work they do.

Some of the other brands I've been totally obsessing over are Zara Kids, H&M baby (I especially love their conscious range) and GRO company which you can get from KIDLY. For basics, my go to is John Lewis, they have packs of 5 white vests and baby grows which I've stocked up on.


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