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Picture this, girl in early 20's meets a boy, boy is in a band (recipe for disaster I hear you say?) she falls in love, he falls in love, they are on again off again, on again (phew!). Boy proposes in most romantic way ever, she says yes of course! Girl now in late 20's falls pregnant, YIPEE! Girl is fun loving, laid back, a tad (ok a lot) disorganised, has never ever held or even interacted with a baby EVER! Girl decides its an exceptional idea to document the whole journey through pregnancy and share it with the world, because... Because it would be rude not to! Welcome to the Baby Diaries by Joey Kendal Brown.


So... if you want to see the good, the bad and the ugly, follow my journey through pregnancy and beyond in my Baby Diaries. In the first update, I go through the pro's, the con's and the not so pretty mood swings. Luckily I have a very forgiving family and an tiny excuse growing inside me, so I just manage to get away with it! It's also safe to say I need no excuse when it comes to indulging in food. I am totally and utterly OBSESSED!

My advice for pregnancy, have a sense of humour, because you're going to need one! I'm no expert, but I've chucked a few other nuggets of wisdom in my Baby diaries just to help you along the way!

So, now you've seen me getting to grips with the early stages of pregnancy, and talking about myself (something I had imagined would be a lot easier, but baby brain makes even that hard) I'd love you to stay tuned and share your stories, comments and love below.


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